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AFRICAN ART IN THE PARK [AAP] is initiated by NYMDIS ART GALLERY and endorsed by ECOLANDIA PARK. it is an annual year-long artistic sensitization campaign geared to drive home salient and key messages that will contribute to the growth and sustainable development of art, cultural exchange, environmental management, socioeconomic, community bonding and international relationship in Africa and Europe, particularly in Nigeria and Italy.


The maiden edition of AAP shall be held in commemoration of the fourth edition of the FACE FESTIVAL holding in Ecolandia Park, Reggio Calabria, Italy, from 1st to 12th September 2019. The edition is targeted at contemporary visual artists, artisan, children and families, art lovers, tourists, galleries, museums, communities, executives and leaders of public, private and civil institutions and companies in Italy, Nigeria and beyond. AAP will feature an exhibition, media promotion and auctioning of pertinent artworks collected from over 20 professional African and European contemporary artists from around the globe. Art tutorial, workshop and competition shall be held for children age 6 to 18 (residences and visitors) in Reggio Calabria. A two week Art in Residency for five distinguished artists from Nigeria to develop, produce and install dedicated artworks/masterpieces, particularly mural paintings and sculpture installations. (Click here to read more about the five guest artists). Series of raffle draws and quiz shows will be held for children, families and members of the communities in Reggio Calabria and Italy in General. Tourism and excursion packages shall be provided for Nymdis Art Gallery’s followers, tourists, attendees and buyers of specific artworks during the AAP. There also shall be presentation, sharing and sales of African foods, cuisines and music.


The objective of AAP 2019 is focused on creating an interesting, exciting and purposeful event for families, schools, organizations and art lovers. AAP will use creative works of art and storytelling as means to inform, educate and sensitize families and members of the local and international institutions, companies and communities. It will also empower, promote and improve the socioeconomic welfare of the five distinguished artists from Nigeria and over 20 featured African/European artists through the art productions, exhibitions, publications, media promotions and sales of their creative works of art, research and interpretations. AAP will educate, sensitize, engage and distinguish children with artistic skills and encouraging them to follow their passion and keep honing their skills and to discover new possibilities, it will help the children to view art and environmental management as decent and viable employment/business opportunities. AAP will use its illustrations, events and transfers of artworks to immensely drive history, information, education, branding, tourism, socio, commerce, environmental management, leadership, nation building, sustainable developments and global networking. It will promote family time, community bonding and international relationship. The aesthetic of Ecolandia Park’s outdoors and indoors will be enhanced with masterpieces of dedicate artworks and installations for one year, thereby creating and establishing a marketplace for African Art in Reggio Calabria, Italy and Europe for one year. The sales, delicacy and sharing of African cuisines shall be an unforgettable experience. There shall also be engagement of tours and discovery of the finest places in Reggio Calabria, Scilla  & Chianalea, particularly the Lungomare, the Cathedral, the Spanish Castle, the famous Reggio Calabria Museum; home of  the “Bronzi of Riace of Greece, the beautiful fisherman village of Scilla, the beach front stone houses of Chianalea, Costa Viola, the panoramic Monte Saint Elia, the traditional fisherman town in Bagnara and many more. The success of AAP 2019 will grow the affinity of the general public and international community towards Nigeria and Italy, as well as towards Ecolandia Park, Nymdis Art Gallery and affiliates.


AAP 2019 shall be hosted and unveiled by Professor Antonio Perna the President of Ecolandia Park and shall be curated by Nnamdi Nkabu, the Chief Executive Officer of Nymdis Art Gallery. The unveiling ceremony shall be graced by the presence and support the Mayor of Reggio Calabria, Nigerian Ambassador to Italy, President of Society for Nigeria Artists [SNA], Chairman of Credit & Allied Nigeria Limited, Managing Director of Davis Carter Nigerian Limited, Chief accountant of Publiglobe S.R.L Italy, Managing Director of GiroCalabria Tourism Agency, Italy, and representatives of DHL Nigeria Limited.


Families of top three grand winners that emerge from the children art competition will win a free family portrait painting. They will also win free tours to discover the finest places of Reggio Calabria, Scilla & Chianalea, and they shall also have and enjoy variety of African cuisines for free. The top ten participants/children shall have free art and educational materials. And all participants shall be awarded certificate of participants.


AAP will also engage and instill financial value and business opportunity for individuals, groups and corporate organizations, particularly of those who invite their friends, families, associates and connections to attend the art exhibition and art in residency. Individuals, groups and corporate organizations shall have 5% sales value of artworks purchased by those they invited. Also, those that patronize the art exhibition and art in residency, will have the opportunity to become business partners/franchises with Nymdis Art Gallery for ten months; the aesthetics and ambiances of their business or corporate environments shall be enhanced with display of Nymdis Art Gallery’s art collections. These art collections shall be opened for sales to their visitors and customers, and through various online platforms, prints, networking and socio events. 10% sales value of these set of artworks shall be the profit of these business partners/franchises and immediately paid to them should sales/purchases are made during the 10 months . Other major and exclusive art exhibitions, art in residency and children art competitions shall be organized for outstanding art buyers, investors, collaborators, supporters and sponsors. (Click here to read more about Nymdis Art Gallery’s business opportunities, solutions and benefits for it’s audience)


AAP 2019 will be a fulfilled and unforgettable experience for all and is open to all art/fun lovers, tourists, contemporary artists, business people, and public, private and civil institutions and innovative collaborations/partnerships in Nigeria, Italy and beyond. Please tell your friends and family to tell their friends and families; there is something for everyone in AFRICAN ART IN THE PACK !!!