Against all Odds

Against All Odds Painting by Michael Adigwe

ARTIST:       Michael Adigwe
TITLE:          Against all Odds
MEDIA:        Oil on Canvas
SIZE:            40 inches by 40 inches
YEAR:          2018
PRICE:         $3500     $700


We’ve got the Globe covered. It is no news that the aviation industry over the years has suffered setbacks affecting their business ranging from… The high Airport Charges… Inadequate infrastructure… High taxation… Runway without good lighting… High cost of Aviation oil… And high Insurance premium.

Basically, government policies stands out to be the greatest challenge of the industry as it is believed that there is minimal support from the government to reduce their plight.

But “against all odds”, they still got the Globe covered and that simply explains the wide spread wings of the airplane in the painting representing the industry covering the globe with Confidence, Boldness and all Reliability.

In spite of these challenges, the airlines have not relented in taking passengers across the globe, making business meetings, travels on vacation, tour trips, medical related trips, transportation of goods, among many others possible. And these are no doubt landmark achievements on their part.

The continents are represented in the painting by the dark patches of colors and gold. The Emergence of the Bright, Bold and Confident aircraft from the dark background of challenges simply signifies Stability.

The tiny red roofs are representing the developing nations of the world, while the high risings in tall dark shades are representing the developed world.

Meaning that the aviation industry is still in the business of connecting the world against all odds.order button