Life in the Aviation

Life in the Aviation Painting by Olamilekan Abatan

ARTIST:       Olamilekan Abatan
TITLE:          Life in the Aviation
MEDIA:        Charcoal on chipboard paper
SIZE:           22 inches by 33 inches
YEAR:         2018
PRICE:        $3500     $700


Life in the aviation is an inspiration art work I did for 8 hours. I was inspired by the issues, solution and the achievements that face the aviation sector. I got the message late that is why I decided to work on my fast medium wish is black and white charcoal on chipboard paper on the chipboard paper I create a drawing of an airplane which is the subject of the my work. I also decided to print and pasted photographs on the background that depict the issues, solutions and achievements that faces the aviation.

If you look at the photographs, like the ones showing a family and a student I call that the solution, on issues that faces the aviation I have pictures of a worried man in the airport with lots of bags and of a drug dealer.

Now the achievement, a picture of an airplane flying in a good weather and professional security.

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