Protect the Big Bird from the Small Birds

Save the Big Bird From the Small Bird Painting by Sunday Dimkpa Peter

ARTIST:      Sunday Dimkpa Peter
TITLE:         Protect the Big Bird from the Small Birds Painting
MEDIA:       Pencil on paper
SIZE:          16 inches by 21 inches
YEAR:        2018
PRICE:       $2300     $460


Protect the big bird from the small birds, I titled my Painting, due to the constant occurrence of accident in the aviation industry, these is as a result of the birds getting in the way of the airplane propeller engine. Sometimes it stock into engine and damages it and affects the function of the airplane while on air. I as an artist, am suggesting a net covering on the opening of the propeller engine of the airplane in order to restrict the birds from getting into the engine while the airplane is on air… I believe these would reduce accident in the aviation industry.

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