Wings of Destiny

Wings of Destiny Painting by Edward Osang


ARTIST:        Edward Osang
TITLE:           Wings of Destiny
MEDIA:         Acrylic on canvas
SIZE:            36 inches by 36 inches
YEAR:          2018
PRICE:         $3400    $680


A wing of destiny is a painting that reflects one of the activities and contribution of aviation industry to promote agriculture.

The painting defined the impression of the artist, bringing the world in one concept, showing how the Federal airport authority of Nigerian (FAAN) who contributed in bringing dreams of farmers and traders into reality, which is one of the vision of Sustainable Development  Goals (SDG’s); promoting agriculture and eradicating of poverty “vision 2030”.

With such support and export services the country stand to achieve greatly on foreign exchange and encourage employment stability.

The human images in the art depict traders waiting to export their local firm product to the outside world.

The cargo plane is a symbolic figure of hope, encouragement and support for traders to carryout export activities.

The monuments behind the background symbolize countries were these agro product are exported for the use of African in Diaspora. The cloud as it seems, is an expression of the world geographical map.

Conclusively, the prospect of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) Vision 2030 will definitely be achieve using the aviation industry as a tools to support agriculture and eradicating poverty.

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