2018-2019 international day for civil aviation

2018/2019 International Day For Civil Aviation



On 7th December 2018, Nymdis Art Gallery flagged off a one year series of art production, sales promotion and sensitization campaign, geared to:

  1. Commensurate the International Day for Civil Aviation 2018/2019.
  2. Use creative works of art and storytelling as means to communicate, inform, educate and sensitize members of the local and international public, institutions, companies and communities about
  • Issues, solutions, landmarks, policies, achievements and organizations and leaders that are facing the sustainable development of the civil aviation industry.
  • The diversity, benefits and contributions of the aviation industry to people, organizations, communities, commerce, agriculture, environment, tourism, sports and nation building and global networking
  1. Empower, promote and defend mainstream and emerging local/international contemporary artists through the sales, exhibitions, publications and promotions of their creative works of art and interpretations.
  2. Encourage our target audience to view and accept the business/practices of art and aviation as viable investment, asset and career opportunities.


Sequel to the aforementioned, Nymdis Art Gallery hereby present to individuals, homes, organizations, schools and communities the opportunity to

  1. Take advantage of a sales promotion by buying one or more of the aforementioned creative works at 80% discount.
  2. Enhance the beauty, aesthetic and ambiance of homes, schools and corporate organizations.
  3. Open and resell their purchased artwork(s) during Nymdis Art Gallery’s local and international art exhibitions at 100% sale value of the artwork and gain 60% value of the resell price in near or far future.
  4. Use the display and media promotion of their purchased artwork(s) as means to disseminate, interact, communicate, inform and educate our/their target audience about their organization’s history, corporate identity, messages, policies, products and services, achievements, leadership, members and events/AGM.
  5. Provide their organization the demography and psychographic of the audience who appreciates their purchase, for their marketing research or publicity purposes.
  6. Get an art masterpiece that worth N250,000 of either (20 inches by 26 inches) oil painting of their personal portrait or a (24 inches by 36) charcoal drawing of their residence or corporate edifice/landmark, to be produced by one of Nigerian’s best portraiture/landscape artists and presented to them for their permanent keeping/ownership at no additional cost to themselves or their organization. However they are expected to buy at least two artworks from sales promotions and project.
  7. Get 4 VIP exhibition tickets for themselves, families or your organization to attend each of our upcoming art exhibitions holding in Lagos, Tropea, Rome, Venice, and New Jersey in April, May, July, August, September and December 2019, respectively.
  8. Publish on Nymdis Art Gallery’s website a page article on issues and solutions that faces the environment, infrastructure, socioeconomic, regulations and sustainable development of the civil aviation industry, particularly those that concern those individual and organizations that patronizes or supports Nymdis Art Gallery’s art project for the aviation industry and diversity.
  9. Incorporate their organization’s logo/name in title as our supporter/collector/patron. This incorporation shall be
  • Published on Nymdis Art Gallery’s website, email listing, newsletters and blogs, videos and catalogs for almost eternity, so long your purchased artwork(s) exist, sells and transfers.
  • Streamed online to 5,000 to 120, 000 face users with the demography/geographical areas of the individual or organization’s choice.
  • Advertise on Nymdis Art Gallery’s stage and mentioned onsite during our major exhibitions and red carpets show on 7th December 2019 to commensurate the International Day for Civil Aviation 2019


Interested individuals and organizations are oblige to kindly invest and engage in the following

  1. Buy one or more of the aforementioned artworks or commission Nymdis Art Gallery to produce specific artwork(s) of the individual/organization’s choice that illustrates the vision, trademark, services, edifices, infrastructures, achievements, executives, diversities or history of the aviation industry.
  2. Agree and warrant Nymdis Art Gallery the right/contract to re-sell the individual’s/organization’s purchased or commissioned artwork(s) to any local or international art buyers/collector/patrons after 10 months to two years of their immediate purchase.
  3. Advertise and publish pictures of individual’s/organization’s purchased or commissioned artwork(s) via the individual’s/organization’s official website, app, social media handles, newsletters, email listing, blogs, magazines, banners and corporate environments/events.
  4. Official meet the artists who produced the individual’s/organization’s purchased or commissioned artwork(s) before or during the installation of the said artwork(s).
  5. Provision of a two page article on issues, solutions, activities, challenges and achievement that faces the aviation industry which is of most concern to the individual/organization.