Art and the Environment

Save Our World Painting by Clara Aden (PHOTO)African Queen Sculpture by Omoloja Endurance (Sculpture)









NYMDIS Art Gallery partners with Lagos state Ministry of Environment (MOE), with the obligation to

  1. Use artworks as environmental educational tools to project/communicate
  • Lagos state ministry of environment’s leadership, vision, mission, mandates, regulations, services, projects, events, achievements and challenges.
  • The environments of Lagos state, particularly, major towns, cities, communities, roads, markets, farms, forest, waterside and rivers.
  • Faces of leaders, organizations, companies, culture and livelihood that have contributed positively the sustainable development and socio cultural/economic environment of Lagos state.
  • Faces of key leaders and stakeholders of environmental sector and industry in Lagos state.
  1. Improve the aesthetic and ambiance of the indoors and outdoors of Lagos State Ministry of environment with installation and displays of aforementioned artworks.
  2. Organize a bi-annual art exhibition and bonanza to inform, educate and interact with people of Lagos state, the Nigerian public and the International Community.
  3. Encourage artists to be innovative towards recycling waste materials into creative works of art.
  4. Create employment and improve the socioeconomic welfare of mainstream and emerging visual artists in Lagos state and beyond.
  5. Use the illustrations, sales and bi-annual events to drive history, communications, information, education, environmental management/conservation, tourism, commerce, socioeconomic, inter-community bonding and loyalty.