Creative messengers for sdgs

The SDGs (PHOTO)Clean Water and Sanitation Painting by Olalekan Abatan (PHOTO)











In complimenting and advocating the United Nations seventeen point global agenda for year 2030 themed “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  Nymdis Art Gallery hereby prepares to kick off a weekly visual art workshops, exhibitions, promotions, tours and campaigns, geared to

  1. Assemble mainstream and upcoming artists to produce and showcase artworks that illustrate faces of communities, organizations, leaders, issues, solutions, innovations, services, policies, landmarks, mandates and environment that is facing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
  2. Use the exhibits of these artworks as communication platforms to inform, educate and sensitize local, national and international communities, organizations, schools, homes and individuals.
  3. Engage publishers, journalists, poets, content writers, readers, art lovers and students to interpret and convey the massages portrayed by the artists about the SDGs/
  4. Host art competitions to inform primary and secondary school children about Sustainable Development Goals
  5. Use the illustrations, workshop, exhibit, sales and transfer of aforementioned artworks to drive history, communications, information, education, environmental management, conservation, tourism, commerce, socioeconomic, inter-community bonding and loyalty.